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About ADH Marketing & Consulting LLC
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ADH Marketing & Consulting LLC (ADH) is a for profit Agribusiness Consulting firm specializing in Marketing, Partnerships, Trucking & Logistics, Operational and Organizational Management. ADH has recently secured $92,000 in USDA-NRCS funding for clients between 2020-2021 on 53.5 acres and managed contracts totaling 103 acres in South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Ajoa Brothers (Owner and CEO) considers herself to be an Agricultural Marketing Specialist and an advocate for small farmers across the nation. In her previous career with the USDA, she spent over 12 years assisting landowners, farmers, and ranchers with federal financial assistance programs. Ajoa is a graduate of Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (Natural Resources) and obtained a MBA in Environmental Management, from Ashford University, and more recently in 2021, completed the Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate from Cornell University. Over the last 16 years, her specialties now include Program Management, Agricultural Marketing and Education, Program Outreach, Small Business Management, Organizational Management, Public Outreach, and Public Speaking.

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